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Suggestions for a better Python 2->3 story


There’s been a lot of gnashing of teeth over the transition to Python 3. It’s just not as easy as one would like. Here’s my wish list for how this could be better. There would need to be:

New string prefix: “s”

There’s u for unicode/str and b for str/bytes, but it’d be nice to have s for str/str. It’s rare, but it’s super annoying to deal with. For example __name__ on functions must be str/str so I have to write str(something) if I have a from __future__ import unicode_literals, but then I have to write a comment to say I really mean it so no one accidentally changes it with 2->3 tooling or manually because it looks wrong. An s prefix would be much nicer.

Make six part of the standard lib

I think the community has settled on this now. It’s time to set a clear standard going forward. Or if the core team likes futurize better, choose that. The important thing is to forcefully push people forward and lower the barrier.

Expand six

Six currently doesn’t cover mock and csv for example. This has bitten us at work. Stuff like this would be great if it was included in six to make everyones transition smoother. For CSV we use csv342 to manage the transition.

New future imports


I believe the core Python team could do a lot more for the ease of transition with relatively few changes. This is a good thing and shows the amount of work that has gone into this. For small libs it’s already easy to make the change to running on both 2 and 3, it’s the big code bases that have the most to gain from better transition tools.

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